“Simply put, Chad is at the pinnacle of the profession. Constantly seeking to better himself in order to better serve those he coaches, this thirst for growth combined with his approachable nature allows him to be effective coaching a wealth of ages. Mr Prickett has an unrivaled technical understanding of the position, which resultantly allows him to lay a strong foundation in young goalkeepers, while refining the nuance in older goalkeepers. I often lean on Chad for his understanding in session design, and biomechanics to better serve those I work with on a daily basis.”
Dan Ball, Iowa State University
“Chad was an outstanding addition to our staff this season. His energy, passion for the sport, and positional knowledge makes him one of the very best keeper coaches I’ve ever seen. On the field, he has a knack for getting to know his players to build relationships that allow him to push them to their full potential. Off the field, Chad cares. He cares about his athletes and at Ohio Wesleyan, he truly invested in all aspects of our program. He has made us exponentially better defensively and the players love him!”
Nicole Ross, Head Women's Soccer Coach, Ohio Wesleyan University

“I’ve known Chad for 3 years now & he continues to impress me with his passion for the beautiful game. If you’re looking for top notch GK training, look no further.”

Frank Speth, former Associate Head Coach, The Ohio State University

“Coach Prickett worked with our goalkeepers (at MVNU) in the Fall of 2017 and did an excellent job. Chad was able to establish a relationship with our three goalkeepers very quickly and was the epitome of professionalism in the way that he carried himself around our players and our campus. I regard Coach Prickett as one of the foremost experts in goalkeeping in the Central Ohio market, and I would gladly have him back for future seasons.”

Zach Ganzberg, Head Men's Soccer Coach, Mount Vernon Nazarene University
“Chad does a very good job designing and executing training sessions that teach and develop the technical side and maintain a high level of intensity that challenges the players physically and mentally. Whether you are a college athlete or a player just stepping in the net – I have witnessed Chad work with kids of all ages and with varying abilities and he does a great job giving individual instruction that will help improve your game.”
Alan Yost, Head Men's Soccer Coach, Capital University

“I’ve known and worked with Chad for a long time. Growing up, we played for the same Club; Ohio Thunder. Chad is a pro at getting young  goalkeepers mentally prepared for the goalkeeper position. Chad does a phenomenal job working with the mental side of the game and how important it is to be mentally strong in the position. As a college coach, I recommend that all collegiate levels keepers work with Chad in their off season workouts to stay sharp.”

Chris Limle, Head Men's Soccer Coach, Muskingum University



“If you’d like your young keeper to learn solid fundamentals; get thoughtful, situational training; be challenged every time out; and have a good time in the process, Chad’s your man.”
Scott Reisz, Father of Abby Reisz, University of Tennessee
“Over the course of our lives, many teachers step up to ease and illuminate the journey. And for those, we are grateful. Once in a while, if you are truly lucky you get one who’s a game changer. For my son, that is Chad Prickett. His knowledge of goalkeeping is as broad as his smile and his commitment to success for each keeper is as intense as his workouts. In but a second’s time, Chad saw John Riley and whisked him to the next level and beyond with brilliant insight like, “Come on Nancy, did you hit that with your purse?” As a mom, I am eternally grateful for the late-night support calls, for showing my son how to be a warrior full of pride and love, and for making the college process so easy. Thank you for all of the puke, laughs and the many doors you opened for my son! ”
Patti O'Toole, Parent of John Riley O'Toole, Grinnell College

“My daughter has improved in all facets of the goalkeeper position due to the training she’s received from Mack. Mack provides a positive, respectful and intense learning environment that my daughter has flourished within.

Her professionalism and dedication to helping athletes reach their goals is evident in her approach. Each training session is well thought out while ensuring that technical, tactical and physical aspects of the game are emphasized.

Mack both encourages and pushes my daughter to perform at a level that she never knew was possible and we look forward to what the future holds.

If you’re looking to be challenged both mentally and physically as a goalkeeper, I would highly recommend Mack.”

Brian Boysel, Father of Macy Boysel, ECNL
“Working with Chad and his Columbus GK Academy has finally given my son the skills and confidence he needs to excel at the goalkeeper position. If your player wants to learn the correct techniques, develop a proper mental strategy for the position, and learn to truly LOVE the position, there is no better coach than Chad.”
Jennifer Tenwalde, Mother of Jack Tenwalde
“Chad’s intense training regimen helped our son achieve his goal of becoming a D1 goalkeeper. Chad focused not only on specific goalkeeper fundamentals but also on overall defensive team tactics. Chad’s goalkeeping sessions were very challenging and we saw a lot of growth in our son and his abilities under Chad’s training.”
Carrie and Ed Keener, Parents of Sam Keener, Lee University

“My 10 year old son Noah began training with CGKA six months ago and I couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to partner with Chad Prickett and Mackenzie Brunke for his development.  I was drawn to CGKA’s reputation for developing elite level GK’s that go on to play for top clubs, academies and colleges.  The training environment structured by Chad and Mackenzie is creative, competitive and fun.  In addition to participating in weekly group training sessions, Noah has recently begun working one on one with Mackenzie.  Noah loves training with Mack!  I’m so impressed with how prepared she is for each session and how she designs his training around specific areas of development the two of them have identified.  What I love most about Mack is her ability and desire to connect with Noah on a personal level.  She goes out of her way to ask him about school, his family and what’s going on in his world.  Mackenzie is a fantastic coach and role model for my son!  Chad and Mackenzie are passionate about helping young athletes maximize their potential.  If your son or daughter is committed to working hard in a positive, encouraging, and challenging environment I would strongly recommend CGKA.”

Darren Brown, Father of Noah Brown



“In my post season meeting with my coach, she asked me what I did differently this summer to prepare for the upcoming season. My only answer was training with Chad. Chad is an intense trainer with a passion to create intense, skilled goalkeepers. He taught me how to be tough, mentally and physically, just in a few weeks of training with him this summer. Chad will do whatever he needs to in order to get his players to where they need to be. He is a great coach and overall great mentor to young goalkeepers. ”
Mackenzie Brunke, Ohio Wesleyan University
“Not only did Chad help me refine my goalkeeping technique and tactical understanding of the game. He brings an energy and relentless attitude to training every time that is contagious. I never once had a session with Chad that I felt did not help me improve as a goalkeeper, competitor and leader. ”
Adam Miller, Mount Vernon Nazarene University

“Chad’s ability to teach goalkeeping techniques and strategies with passion and dedication is extraordinary. Chad possesses the experience, organization, and structure required to help propel goalkeepers to the next level. He has taught me how to be a better keeper while emphasizing the importance of having good character. The trainings are intense and competitive but fun. Chad is always going to push you to the limit, creating the best you. I’m so blessed that I have been given the chance to train and to learn from him. He is hands down the most passionate coach and mentors I have ever worked with.”

Josh Routte, Muskingum University

“Mackenzie Brunke does incredible work as a goalkeeper coach. I’ve worked with Mack for about 3 years now, both as my high school goalkeeper coach and with CGKA and I can say with 100 percent certainty that I have improved my game because of her.  She has the unique ability of being an effective coach with all age ranges and abilities.  In my time working with her, she has pushed and challenged me in the way that a high level high school or college age goalkeeper needs.  She can draw from her experience playing at the college level to prepare her goalkeepers for the game.

On the other hand, I have also seen her coaching elementary and middle school keepers of all levels. Mack excels at teaching young and beginning athletes the fundamentals of goalkeeping and helps them to build up their game. With a job as a teacher outside of her coaching, Mack also is able to interact with and build important relationships with her goalkeepers, which can be just as important as her ability to coach technique.

Overall Mack is everything you are looking for in a goalkeeper coach, whether it be for a high level college goalkeeper or a young beginner goalkeeper and everyone in between. ”

Amanda Poorbaugh, Penn State
“I messaged Chad a few months ago in need of some help with training before I headed overseas to tryout with a professional team. I took a year and a half off after college and thought I had no chance of getting back into it, but Chad took the challenge and worked with me on every technical aspect of goalkeeping. He videotaped our sessions and analyzed the video on his own time to help me get where I needed to be. I would not be in Australia right now, pursuing my dream, if it wasn’t for him. Chad is a great guy and I absolutely loved working with him. If you or your child isn’t working with Chad, then I would definitely call him! He’s your guy with any goalkeeping needs.”
Shannon Flower, South Melbourne FC
“I started working with Chad at a very young age and he played a key role in my development as a goalkeeper throughout the years. Whether it’s developing goalkeeping fundamentals or fine tuning your game at the next level, Chad will push you physically and mentally to be your absolute best and prepare you for where you want to go.”
Bryant Pratt, Indiana University
“Chad is not only a great soccer coach, but also a great mental leader. He has taught me the technical aspects of being a goalkeeper while turning them into game situations. After coaching different age groups and levels for so long he is definitely the go to guy for trying to reach your aspirations.”
Brennon Davis, The Ohio State University

“I started working with Mack this past spring after I transferred. Mack is not only one of the best goalkeeper coaches but she is an incredible person. She takes the time to get to know you and gives you specific feedback that is going to reside with you best. Mack constantly pushed me and challenged me to be the best I could be and always took the time to help find things that would make me better. I am so thankful for my time with Mack and the Columbus GK Academy. I got so much better not only as a goalkeeper but as a person as well.”

Jordan Silkowitz, Iowa State University
“I’ve worked with Chad since around U13 and without him, I don’t know where I’d be. The competitive environment that he creates between the goalkeepers at training makes everyone there significantly better. Individually, he nitpicks your game and hones in on what you need to improve to become a top level goalkeeper. Lastly, he mentors you not only how to lead and organize on the field, but off of it as well when it came to getting in contact with coaches and schools”
Jacob Castro, West Virginia University